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On the 4th of September 2020 nifty launched the CreditView™ platform within clients’ personal nifty dashboard on the nifty Loan App that provides them with their detailed credit report, empowering them to monitor and manage their personal credit profile.

The CreditView™ Dashboard is an interactive credit control panel for engaging today’s consumer providing key insights into their personal credit information.
CreditView allows customers to view their credit score, their full credit report and also provides financial education with a dynamic simulation capability that will enable customers to better understand the impact of their financial decisions. It provides the consumer with the ability to see the impact on your credit score and ultimately enables the ability to improve their personal portfolio and make better financial decisions for the long term.

nifty, the credit provider that helps customers manage their money better, aims to help customers improve their personal finances through education as well as giving them access to their personal data; thus it was a perfect fit for nifty to partner with TransUnion to adopt the CreditView platform as a value added service to existing and new customers. By broadening the nifty portfolio offered to customers, we are able to provide customers a holistic view of their credit status.

“By providing customers with insights on how to improve and grow financially, we improve our brand promise and brand affinity amongst our clients, increasing trust and returning customers”, Says Mark Young, CEO of nifty South Africa

“The implementation of the CreditView platform is in line with the nifty vision, enabling our customers to make financial decisions, Concludes Young

The CreditView platform alerts customers of critical changes to their credit report and reflects any negative behavior which has affected the credit score.
Alerts are sent to customers, giving them the ability to monitor unauthorised credit enquiries from a security point of view. With 75% of South Africa concerned with identity theft, and 45% of South Africans having been a victim of identity theft, nifty is able to provide extra precautions to protect customers

“We have co-crafted the branding on the platform to provide customers with an easy and accessible experience that is personalised and easy to understand. The nifty branded dashboard provides a smooth brand experience and familiarity for their customers, we want the customer journey to be seamless and relatable within the nifty brand.” Says Dalene Deale, Director of Fintech at TransUnion.

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